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Clever minds research, develop and innovate


Clever minds research, develop and innovate

The product is called “Life Guard”. As well as local hospitals, also Slovene, Polish, German and Australian customers are interested in the sensor of only a few millimetres diameter. “Life Guard” measures the temperature of stored blood reserves and knows if the unit was cooled sufficiently at all times; thus it can be avoided that it has to be thrown away.

The sensor was developed by the company On Point indicators from Klagenfurt and stands symbolically for the emergent research scene in Carinthia. While Carinthia had a research quota of 0.42 per cent ten years ago, it is now at 2.43 per cent, which makes it the location number three in the ranking of Austrian provinces. Like On Point, 280 companies in Carinthia are rated as being ‘technology-affine’. The main focus is on energy, information technologies, traffic and safety research. Governor Gerhard Dörfler, who is also the spokesperson for technology, is convinced that Carinthia is in the fast lane as regards research and development, and that it will continue at high speed. “A study by BAK Basel Economics even concedes us the first rank in R&D in the Alps-Adriatic region”, says the Governor. For the Governor research constitutes a big chance to survive in global competition and he still sees lots of potential in the cooperation with Slovenia and Northern Italy.

Central location in the Alps-Adriatic region

The geographical proximity to two neighbouring economic areas is proving to be highly attractive. Each area sets its own high speed in its own individual way: to the southwest is Northern Italy, a traditionally strong and at the same time enterprising region with many opportunities for cooperation; to the southeast Slovenia is very close, which is not only a growth market itself but at the same time the gate towards South Eastern Europe, where the economic catching-up process is still under way and therefore high growth rates can be expected for the upcoming years